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Ci Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd (Ci) is a collective investment scheme, hosting some of the top independent multi-managers in the industry.

Ci is owned by a number of like-minded boutique multi-managers and managed by a team of experts, each with significant experience in the collective investments industry. We are defined by our strategic independence which ensures that we have no conflicts of interests in relation to any of the specialist asset managers who we may invest in from time to time.

This strategic independence is empowered by the corporate partnerships we share with leading industry specialists. It’s a synergy that enables us to introduce financial solutions that best meet the needs of South African investors in an ever changing financial services landscape.

Although we value our independence, we understand that many investors gain a sense of comfort from affiliations with the larger well known financial services brands. In this regard, Ci has partnered with the following financial institutions:

  • Silica Financial Administration Solutions (Silica):  responsible for most of the investor administration on behalf of Ci. Silica is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Investec Group and handles the administration of over 65% of unit trust investments in South Africa.
  • Curo Fund Services (Curo):  carries out all the asset administration and pricing of the Ci portfolios. Curo is jointly owned by the Old Mutual and Sanlam Groups.

Ci Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd (Ci) is registered as a collective investment scheme manager by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act