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Company Overview:

Professional Financial Planning Services (Pty) Ltd (PFPS) was founded in 1994 by Ari Perlov and Peter Mincher to provide financial advice to a range of clientele.  Eugene Cloete and Mark Paidas joined Professional Financial Planning Services in February 2007.  The four directors each have an equal shareholding in the business. In 2012, Professional Financial Planning Services (Pty) Ltd underwent a name change to PFPS Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd in order to more accurately reflect the changing nature of the financial services industry.  In addition, a new company was formed, namely PFPS Asset Management (Pty) Ltd (PFPS AM).  In 2013 PFPS Asset Management was approved as a FSB Category 2 license holder.  PFPS Asset Management is the specialist multi-manager operation within the PFPS group.

PFPS Asset Management launched a range of Collective Investment Schemes portfolios in order to be able to continue to manage their client portfolios more effectively using a rigorous investment process while using a structure that will be in the clients’ best interest.

Collective Investment Scheme portfolios allow PFPS Asset Management to implement and execute their investment philosophy and process in the most effective and efficient way.

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Tel no:                 +27 11 803 3017